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In the informal sector, audits on micro-enterprises are nearly impossible. As such, microfinance business loans and personal loans often have the same interest rate.

Aloi Private Limited is one of the first digital innovations which provides loan insight software for financial institutions to disburse digital loans that can only be spent within an ecosystem of accredited vendors.

Through our software, you can monitor loan end-use, view real-time insights similar to automatic audits on microenterprises. With Aloi, microfinance institutions are assured their loans are used towards productive assets to increase the repayment probability and help lower interest rates.

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Aloi is the phonetic spelling of alloy.
Stronger together!

Our Mission

Power affordable financing for last-mile micro-entrepreneurs through growing trust with technology.

Our Vision

Unlocking affordable impact-targeted financing to grow a green economy led by grassroots micro-enterprises.

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    How was Aloi formed?

    Aloi’s co-founders, Sonika and Tiffany, met at the Global Solutions Program hosted by Singularity University in Silicon Valley. They bonded over a common goal of empowering the grassroots economy. Combining their backgrounds in technology, data, financial services, and international development, they started Aloi.

    Solution offered by Aloi

    Aloi’s loan insight software helps monitor the usage of microfinance business loans for entrepreneurs using digital tokens. A SMS platform is used as a closed circuit mobile money system and doesn’t require smartphones or mobile data through which operation cost is reduced fostering trust to invest in the grassroots economy.

    With Aloi’s digital token loan tracking system, funders especially microfinance institutions are assured the loan is used towards business expenses. We help build a mutually beneficial agreement: microentrepreneurs gain lower interest rates by increasing their visibility to formal systems; funders gain more tracking ability and lower monitoring costs.

    We create an assured digital link from the funding source from the private sector, development partners, and governments to the end investment in real-time.

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    We currently have two digital token loan products for:

    Public electric buses in Kathmandu
    (called safa tempos)

    Agribusiness sectors in Nepal.

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